The holistic alternative to orthodox pet care.

Healthy pets are happy pets.



Animal Acupuncture works as a natural anti-inflammatory and gives pain relief, the needles I used are ultra-fine the reason being so your animals Acupuncture experience is painless. 

Using multiple diagnostic methods I am currently trained in Traditional Veterinary Chinese Medicine, natural animal nutrition, animal naturopathy and animal communication I endeavour to establish where your animals underlying pathology lies. 

Animal Acupuncture can be utilised for a variety of conditions commonly seen in our pets. 

  • Behavioural disorders

  • Muscular Skeletal issues

  • Arthritis

  • Digestive problems

  • Skin conditions

  • Allergies

Following an Acupuncture session animals normally feel a very relaxed resulting in them sleeping. 

I am very passionate about Animal nutrition so upon completion of your animals appointment I will be in contact to give general dietary advice and suggested lifestyle recommendations.  When required or requested I can also give consultations regarding animal naturopathic supplements.  

From horses, cats, dogs or exotic pets I am happy to treat them all!